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About the guide

We've split the guide up by the three broad phases that closed hotels around the world find themselves in right now: closed indefinitely, planning to re-open, and just about to re-open.

Each phase contains a list of suggested actions based around core themes. We've linked out to additional resources too, and have included suggestions for how clients can use the Triptease Platform to carry out some of the tasks.

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We hope this serves as a useful shared reference that we can build on with your help.

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Closed, with no confirmed date for re-opening

<aside> 👉 If you're a hotelier in a country in a relatively early state of lockdown, it may be difficult to set a definitive re-opening date. It could be that local government hasn't given any indication of when restrictions will be eased, or simply that you are still in damage-limitation mode and haven't had time to look to the future just yet.

The main priorities at this stage are mitigating your short-term losses, laying the foundations for your long-term strategy, and also, if you're able, taking advantage of the reduction in day-to-day operational tasks to revisit any long-postponed projects.


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